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Man mowing grass near his house

Lawn Mowing in Chelmsford and Surrounding Areas

Your grass precisely trimmed with K Landscaping & Garden Care’s expertise.

Our Garden Maintenance Services

Grass Cutting

Keep your lawn looking pristine with our professional grass cutting service. Our team will ensure your grass is trimmed to the perfect length, enhancing the overall appearance of your garden.

lawn mower in the garden
Using a hedge trimmer to trim the bushes

Hedge Trimming

Maintain neat and tidy hedges with our expert trimming service. We'll shape your hedges to perfection, creating clean lines and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.


Say goodbye to pesky weeds with our efficient weeding service. We'll remove unwanted plants from your garden beds, allowing your plants to thrive and flourish.

weeding grass in garden by hoe in summer day
Open hands with newly sprout plant and seeds

Plant Supply

Enhance your garden with our wide range of high-quality plants. Whether you're looking for vibrant flowers or lush greenery, we'll provide the perfect plants to complement your outdoor space.

Jet Washing

Restore the beauty of your outdoor surfaces with our professional jet washing service. We'll remove dirt, grime, and moss from patios, driveways, and pathways, leaving them looking clean and rejuvenated.

Terrace cleaning with high-pressure
Landscaped garden

Soft Landscaping

Transform your garden with our soft landscaping expertise. From adding new features to creating focal points, we'll design a tailored landscape that enhances the natural beauty of your garden.

Turf Laying

Achieve a lush, green lawn with our turf laying service. We'll carefully prepare the ground and lay high-quality turf, ensuring a healthy and vibrant lawn for you to enjoy.

artificial Grass, Turf, Lawn
Colourful Flowerbeds and Winding Grass Pathway in an Attractive English Formal Garden

Flower Bed Designing

Bring colour and vibrancy to your garden with our bespoke flower bed designing service. Our team will create stunning flower beds tailored to your preferences, adding beauty and charm to your outdoor space.

Planting Fruit Trees and Maintenance

Enjoy the delights of homegrown fruit with our expert fruit tree planting and maintenance service. We'll help you select the perfect fruit trees for your garden and provide ongoing care to ensure a bountiful harvest.

Malus sylvestris, the tasty European crab apple,

Transform your outdoor space with our expert touch – get your garden glowing

Contact K Landscaping & Garden Care for lawn mowing in Chelmsford and surrounding areas.


07929 835267


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